The three pillars, modular, timber construction and print supply

It’s, in fact, very simple how Expozury distinguishes itself from the competition: we take care of the entire process ourselves, from design to construction, from transport to assembly. With our modular construction system, we are able to process every conceivable order. In our own workshop, our carpenters can create the most striking shapes from wooden beams. In our own print shop, we can produce prints of razor-sharp quality and in any size. Combine these 3 disciplines, and you have Expozury.

expozury diensten modulair


Our modular systems enable us both to quickly and easily assemble the most beautiful buildings. The different shapes and components fit together perfectly and in combination with the personalised prints, your stand or display will quickly look great. If desired, we can also supply a pair of handy mechanics with your order!

Modular systems

Aluminum profiles

At Expozury, we work with multiple modular systems. This comes in handy as it gives you more choice and possibilities for your trade fair booth and display. Among other things, we offer aluminum profiles. Around these profiles, your stand can be built, displays can be hung up or graphic prints can be displayed. These systems are easy to assemble and lightweight.

Tube Displays

Apart from that, we use ‘Tube Displays’, a construction of aluminum tubes between which a canvas can be stretched. This cloth is called ‘stretch fabric’ because it can stretch without compromising on quality. This type of display is popular for its light weight and simple mounting. Easy to set up and transport yourself.


It is also possible to make your booth or display stand out by using monitors, or in the case of a graphical print, the application of LED backlighting. These are small lights on the back of a display or stand that provide a harmonious colour experience.

Timber construction

The big advantage of modular construction is that there are hardly any restrictions. For example, we employ a number of very talented carpenters who can do magic with their hands on wood. In our own workspace, we can realize a wide range of designs for you.

expozury diensten houtbouw
expozury diensten print


In order to be of full service to you, we produce all our prints ourselves. This gives us control over quality and flexibility and enables us to produce any desired image in any format. Together with you, we will see which images best fit your display or exhibition stand!

Do you want your exhibition booth to be eye-catching?

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